Osa Peninsula Costa Rica – Two – Dos Brazos to Quebrada Piedras Blancas

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The trail was eroded over two meters deep in places
The trail was eroded over two meters deep in places

When we turned away from the Rio Tigre to climb over the ridge through Corcovado National Park to the Rio Piedras drainage the trail up was very steep and heavily eroded in places.

We took a short detour down river to visit another minero that Ed knows, see a small waterfall and take a look at a pair of hummingbird chicks in a tiny pendulum nest made of Spanish moss.  Before the birdwatchers out there chastise us for interfering with nature please consider that the parents had chosen to build their nest in the camp in the midst of human activity and since no harm had ever come from the humans they were around they seem completely unconcerned by our presence.

Nido colibri
Hummingbird chicks - so no birdlover gets all up in arms about us disturbing nests both this photo and the one of the Scarlet rumped tanager chicks were taken in nests built literally inside the camp. The parents were coming and going freely completely ignoring us as though they knew we were totally harmless.

Our friend Edwin established camp “Ed”ease (get it? -at ease) on the banks of the Rio Piedras Blancas to accommodate the small groups of Dutch adventurers he guides along this route several times a year.  We were a little slap happy after a long hot day of hiking and took up the theme of having fun with his name and decided that this was just one stop in Par”Ed”ise on our great “Ed”venture.

Nap time
Nap time

The camp is similar in many ways to the homes of the mineros.  A pole frame supports a plastic sheeting roof with a cooking area and tables at one end and hammocks strung at the other.  Fresh spring water flows from up the hill in a ¾” pvc tube to a sink and in small separate enclosures one of the nicest showers and toilets in Costa Rica.

The toilet has the best view imagineable
The toilet has the best view imagineable

Both are small cement floored “rooms” with three walls protecting the occupants privacy while the fourth is open towards the opposite hillside covered with the primary rainforest of the Osa Peninsula.  The toilet is remarkable not only for the view but because the septic tank and field was properly designed and implemented so that you can actually flush your toilet paper – a real rarity in Costa Rica where even at modern hotels and expensive resorts you’re requested to deposit used paper in a trash can because the septic cannot handle it.

Meg discovered another bird’s nest in the crook of a tree a few feet from our hammocks and just about landed on her butt when she peeked over the edge and the little babies inside opened their mouths and reached towards her thinking she must be mom bringing dinner.  When the parents did arrive a few minutes later they were easy to identify as scarlet rumped tanagers.  They were unconcerned by our presence a few feet away and shuttled food to the babies continuously during the daylight hours while we were in camp.

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