Osa Peninsula Costa Rica – Two – Dos Brazos to Quebrada Piedras Blancas

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Day 2 – Dos Brazos to Camp “Ed”ease via Corcovado National Park

The second day of our adventure began the sendero in earnest.

The route description...
The route description...

Two groups set out from Dos Brazos that morning both headed to the same destination by different routes.  Ours along the hiking trail, and a German couple and their guide Johnnie riding along the less steep but longer horse trail farther to the south outside the park.

Walking up the Tigre river
Walking up the river is often the easiest way to navigate through dense rainforest. It provides a clear path as long as you don't mind getting your feet wet.

Rivers are often the path of least resistance through dense rainforest and the first several kilometers outside of Dos Brazos we river hiked without any trail to speak of.  We walked southwest either in or alongside the Rio Tigre.  Our packs were light because the horses were carrying the food and other camp supplies and we thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed pace and stopping to photograph the birds, insects and forest.


Snake Attack
We were dropping our packs on a gravel bar by a stand of caña when Meghan shrieked and jumped straight back and Ryan lunged valiantly forward brandishing his walking stick to drive off a large brown snake.

It was surprising because typically snakes are very shy of humans and slither off to hide as soon as they sense them.  Other than Terciopelos (which we all agreed it was not) snakes approaching humans is almost unheard of.

When we reconstructed the events we decided that the most likely explanation was that the snake was actually targeting a lizard that happened to be in line with Meg and was seen high tailing it up the cane during the commotion.  We decided that we’d allow Ryan to keep the title of snake slayer for his unhesitating willingness to sacrifice himself for the safety of his new bride.

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