Facebook Critical Mass

What is a Facebook Critical Mass?

Critical mass on facebook is the number of followers (fans and/or friends) you need to buy (either by advertising on facebook or elsewhere or by investing in content or gimmicks) before facebook can start paying off for you.

From a business and marketing perspective the point of facebook is to use a funnel of existing websites, e-mail lists and/or marketing equity to build your following until the actions of your followers cause your following to grow without input from you.  Once you reach this tipping point or critical mass you can invert the funnel and instead of (or in addition to) sending visitors to facebook you can harvest visitors from facebook and sending them to your website, e-mail lists etc. where you can convert them into clients.

What’s Your Business’ Critical Mass?

Use this handy dandy calculator to figure out how many followers (fans and/or friends) you need to buy before facebook can start paying off for you.

Factors in the facebook critical mass calculation

Profit calculation

  • Value of a Sale
  • Normal rate of conversion from your website or other channels

Signal to noise

  • Number of friends people who like your page have (250 is the default)
  • Quality of your facebook posts – how likely is it that one of your fans will interact with your post to provide you with the multiplier
  • Quantity of your facebook posts
  • Quality of your reverse funnel – how likely is it that you’ll be able to get multiplier fans back off of facebook and onto your homepage
  • Mutual admiration society – if you can connect with a few people or businesses that are willing to like and comment on your content in exchange for you doing the same on theirs you can multiply the interactivity of your content.


  • tough if you’re targeting conservative retirees
  • teenagers are much more interactive