Facebook Business Presence – Sign Up & Create “Page”

Sign Up for a Personal Account & Create a Business “Page”

The procedure for creating a Business “Page” on facebook is relatively straightforward, but the interface can be somewhat confusing and the way the whole thing works is downright baffling.   If you’re not interested in how it works or why just follow the instructions below to get your page set up.

Create a Personal Profile to Administer the Business Page

There are no tips or secrets here.  Go to facebook.com and click sign-up. The Personal Profile does not have to have any public connection to the Business Page once the page has been created.

Depending on your business, your personality, popularity and how you interact with the business you may want to keep a connection between your profile and page and use your profile to promote the page but in that case you probably know more about facebook than we do.

Create a Business Page

Create a Page for Your Business on Facebook
Create a Page for Your Business on Facebook

Login to the Personal Profile and go to any page (ours will do, and you’re welcome to “like” it while you’re there) and look at the bottom of the left hand column for the “Create a Page for My Business” link.

Under “Official Page” choose the category that best describes your business from the categories

  • Local business
  • Brand, product, or organization
  • Artist, band, or public figure

If you’re not sure of the best fit try clicking each and looking at the options in the dropdown menu for more categorization.

Enter a name.  This is not critical because it is not your page URL (username or vanity name) – you’ll choose that later after you’ve gained at least 25 fans.  It is important though and you should use something that describes your business and is easily remembered because it is used in the search index.

Create Another Personal Profile and Make it a Page Administrator

There should always be at least two page administrators because if there is only one and that profile is accidentally deleted or gets blocked the associated business page and all of its fans will be lost…permanently.

Use a spare e-mail address or have someone else in your organization create a personal profile.  From their personal profile search for the business page.  Like the business page.  Logout of the secondary account and into the account used to create the page.  On the left hand side you should see the secondary account as someone who likes the page.  Click “See All” to open a pop-up with everyone who likes the page then select “Make Admin” and confirm.

Why All the Rig-a-ma-Roll?

Facebook was not designed to host businesses.  Once they realized that businesses and famous personalities acting as businesses were using the system and more importantly that they could charge businesses to advertise on the system facebook patched together some code to accommodate business.

What About Using A Personal Profile or Group For Business

There are thousands of analysis available if you google “Facebook Group versus Page” so we won’t waste time re-analyzing it here.  We decided on a page.

Using a Personal Profile to represent your business has some advantages but one clear disadvantage – it is against the terms of service at facebook and the profile may be deleted and all of your businesses friends will be lost.  A lot of (especially very small) businesses do it, but again we chose a page and won’t waste time repeating the analysis that’s already out there a thousand times.