How To Create a Facebook Business Presence

Customize a Facebook Business Page

Step-by-step suggestions for customizing your facebook business page for a good first impression, encouraging interaction and easy low maintenance.

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to build your facebook business page is that facebook is not intended to support business use and the editing interface is very confusing.

The steps listed below are what we used to create our page and should take about an hour to complete if you have a logo and some promotional text available from a brochure or website.


Before you can edit the page you need to be able to find it.  It’s a good idea to bookmark the page when you create it.  The address to your page before you get a vanity name will look like, where 126758874648 is replaced with the 12 digit code for your page.

If you don’t know the address look on the personal profile used to create the page and click the “Ads and Pages” link on the left hand side or search for the name assigned to the page.

Facebook - upload picture and modify thumbnail
Facebook - upload picture and modify thumbnail

Change Logo (page picture) – the logo should be 180 px by 540 px. Mouse over logo and click the pencil, choose upload photo then browse to the image on your computer and upload

Change Thumbnail – Mouse over logo and click the pencil, choose edit thumbnail then move the box around until the segment of your picture you want to display is outlined.

Facebook - Modify Tabs, Add an Update, Set Display
Facebook - Modify Tabs, Add an Update, Set Display

Delete a tab – click tab, click pencil, click “delete tab”. Delete any pages you don’t use, but Wall and Info cannot be deleted.

Move a tab – click, hold and drag. You cannot move wall or info but the others can be rearranged

Add a tab – the plus sign can add some tabs (like Notes), but others (like FBML) you have to “edit page,” add an application then the tab becomes available

Edit Info Tab – When someone likes your page it’s the first bit of the “Company Overview” from the “Info” tab that gets displayed on their feed so include promotional language there.

The Empty Box Under the Page Picture (logo) – This little box is for whatever you want up to 250 characters. It is indexed by Google near the top of your page and a good place for keywords. Click the pencil and type. If you put in a full URL (…)

30 Minutes
One final tip: In status updates use the @ sign as in “@costaricaguides” to give exposure to your site and theirs.

There is a word doc on the desktop computer that has an edited version that should be used in place of the above.  Need to make a few changes to it –

-make sure “Notes” is under the page edit section and mention the need for persistence to get the feed started

-mention how to add an additional FBML page

At the bottom of the FBML Edit page there is a link on the left hand side to “Add another FBML box”