What is Social Media for Business?

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Is that Really What Social Media Is?

If you want proof that my naïve, non-expert analysis coincidentally cuts straight to the heart of social media all you need do is take a look at the facebook control panel.  facebook has created the most chaotic, un-intuitive and nearly non-functional user interface imaginable.  Tying to accomplish a task is nearly impossible; in fact in some cases it is actually non-functional.  Once you hide someone from your feed apparently there is no function to add them back if you change your mind.  It drives developers and marketers around the bend.

So how does that prove my characterization of Social media?  Facebook would never survive as a normal web based application because it’s impossible to take control and find or do anything.  Can you imagine trying to find a movie on NetFlix if two hundred of your “friends” kept switching the review to their favorite or what they were watching. Facebook and other social media thrive precisely because they are designed to make it difficult for the users to do anything; only the community can do it.

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