What is Social Media for Business?

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Where Should I Focus My Efforts?

If you’re like us you have work to do and can’t spend all your time maintaining your company’s social status.

By far the biggest “set it and forget it” benefits will come from facebook.  You can set it up in an hour, hook in the most important feeds in another hour, and maintain it in less than an hour a week.

The most important aspect of facebook is the multiplicative nature of the exposure and potential for exponential growth.

Simply put your page updates and posts appear on the news feed of each of the people who like you and if they take some action on your post – “like” it (thumbs up), comment on it or add a review or fan photo – then that action shows up on all of their friends news feeds.   If three people with a hundred friends each give you a thumbs up then 300 new people see your page update and have a chance to like your page.

  1. What is Social Media for Business?
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  4. Where Should I Focus My Social Media Efforts?
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