What is Social Media for Business?

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What Do I Say About or For My Business?

Don’t think you have anything interesting to say.  Admittedly it would be great if you could invent the next mega-popular Social media app like “home decorating – bug your friends to give you color swatches until you earn enough to trade them for a couch and lamp” but even if you aren’t that creative you’ve probably got something that will get you in the door.

The good news is that you’re competing with things like farmville (where faces enjoy countless hours of planting and harvesting virtual rutabagas) and profile updates like “I’m headed to the shower”, “my shoes feel tight”, and “Whaaaaaas Uppppp dude”

If you already have a blog, occasional YouTube video post, or a photo album then Social Media can be used like a magnifying glass to increase your exposure.

If you really can’t think of anything to say there are hundreds of companies who specialize in managing social media portfolios for businesses.  For a price most of them will even come up with “expert” content for you as well as the strategy and implementation.

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