What is Social Media for Business?

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Why Should I Get My Business on Social Media?

Every expert presentation I’ve been to on the topic of Social media starts with the same clever intro.  The social media professional presenter says “I have people coming to me every day saying they need to be on facebook.”  He then asks them “Why?” and relates that the answer is always the same, “because everyone tells me it’s important.”

That’s not a very good reason.

Out of all the Social Media professionals I’ve heard speak and met with none of them have revealed the truth about how facebook works for businesses.  I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t understand it, they’re keeping it secret because telling the truth would be bad for business (if you think about it they need facebook to be a mystery so they can get paid for solving it).

It’s a source of traffic.  Just like google and youtube.  You don’t try to get visitors on the search results page of google, you try to get them on your page.

Like nowhere else on the web, growth on facebook creates more growth; the act of growing is your main opportunity for exposure.   When someone likes your page, video, status update or photo album all of their friends see that they like it – this is their friend’s chance to like it too.  That’s the most important thing there is to know about facebook and should shape all of your social media strategy.

Signal to noise

Google search – noise = other search results, AdWords, categories, images
Facebook – noise = almost everything

People are using this stuff. I signed up for del.ico.us and did a test “bookmark” to one of my pages only to find that apparently sixteen other people had beaten me to it.

You have to have the right model for you. Local hobby shop that can thrive on a small core of repeat clients will have a very different approach than Patagonia (although it’s interesting to explore the idea of Patagonia as a bunch of little locals…)

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